Carpe Diem in 2016… My “Yes!!!” Year

I would like to welcome all possibilities in 2016… I am saying bye to 2015 with my heart full of gladness and gratitude and embrace what’s new in 2016 keeping an open mind about what it’s going to bring into my life. I’m so used to assessing and calculating the risks I take on in my life stepping on eggshells as I move forward and being directed by fear and anxiety but I have now made a conscious decision to let go of that fear (or at least conquer it).

I have let opportunities go past me many times in my life because of fear. Most of them related to my girls and mental “programs” or “limiting beliefs” I grew up with… I wanted to try new stuff or buy things but I always think I have to prioritize my kid’s needs or that I may get injured in the process and I might not be able to work and put food on the table. But now that they’re big enough I feel more comfortable and courageous. I feel that I can start thinking about myself and taking care of my needs.

Now I ask myself… “How can I conquer fear?” It has paralyzed me for a long time that it has become my default setting. I don’t really have a plan… but I know that I have suffered long enough from “analysis paralysis” so that’s one thing I know I should make a shift on… I will catch and stop myself from analyzing too much and JUST DO IT!… whatever it is… I am so excited to finally work on the big items on my Bucket List. The one’s I have put off long enough for reasons that I can’t even think of. The one’s that scare me… this is going to be my “Yes! year…” and I started it with going back to grad school. I’m so scared I can’t even describe it. I have put it off for about 2 decades and now it’s staring me in the face. I’m terrified alright…

I am also making a conscious decision to allow and attract the LOVE I deserve in my life. I’m going to start working on myself to break the cycle of attracting men that are not emotionally mature or evolved. I would like to be a magnet for “kings“… I have to stop “settling” thinking that … no , in fear of… never getting anything better. God wants us to be happy and we just have to have faith that whoever or whatever comes from Him will fall on our lap, effortlessly in His time.

Michael Hyatt has said, “Courage is the willingness to act in spite of your fear.” So for 2016, I will muster enough courage or maybe not even think about it… just dive in the deep end and swim… or float… either way, I will seize the day… Carpe Diem! and I have to live with a lot less rules and just “LIVE”… be in the moment… be mindful and conscious of the PRESENT… the “Here & Now”… Have time to stop and feed my senses… touch, smell, see, feel, taste.

~~~ Namaste ❤ MariaeZen